“I was elated when I got the promotion to the role of Restaurant manager, in the branch of busy restaurant. My biggest concern at the back of my head was how to manage the cashflow, steps to save money and keep payroll under control.

I was introduced to Nicky by a friend who believe that working with her will end all my fears of frustrations with managing staff time, and the cost of over staffing. Learning financial management and costing, through the pandemic in the quiet period when restaurants are closed gave me that confident boost to rise to the current challenges, tracking daily sales by daily business reviews. The efficiency of my team is risen to over 30%, in 2021, and I have been tipped for least £3000, performance bonus. My team now appreciate the cost implications and fully understand how their individual effort contributes to the restaurant profitability. We owe all these to Nicky, it’s more exciting to have the book as documented reference manual.” - Liza George

“It’s absolutely amazing how quickly, Nicky guided us to find the clarity around working with our stakeholders on Financial issues. We have been able to implement human resources policies, confidence to interact with Finance department . Within a short space of time, we were able to breach the gap of financial knowledge to facilitate the implementation and smooth roll out of the HR and Payroll systems across the organization in February 2020 just before national lockdown. It made it possible for remote working for our staff, same time enhanced productivity despite the slow economic activities of 2020. We are grateful for the financial coaching from Nicky, and would not hesitate to recommend her and financial resources her company provides.” - Henry Bennett

HR Director, Leadership and Manpower Group

Nicky Menakaya , the author of 2 + 2 = 1 For Financial Decision Makers, is a very experienced accountant and coach. With several decades of experience in various business sectors, Nicky has a diverse knowledge in problems faced by nonaccounting professionals in understanding different aspects of accounting and how they relate to any business. Both her experience in accounting and coaching provided her with a platform to write such an amazing book. Unlike some accounting books, Step-By-Step Guide to Accounting for Business explains all aspects of accounting in simple terms including income statement, cashflow and balance sheets, planning and forecasting, as well as key performance indicators that can be strategically utilized to assess the health of a business and drive smart business decisions. This book serves a critical resource for a business of all sizes. In mid- to large -sized businesses with a team of financial professionals, this book equips nonaccounting personnel to pose relevant financial questions to their teams and make valuable decisions that will deliver results for the whole organization. Similarly, this book empowers the average small business owner to grasp the critical day-to-day financial and management accounting activities without having to seek outside accounting services.

As a Senior Financial Analyst with over 20 years of experience in various management and financial accounting roles, I still remember how difficult my transition into my first accounting job was after college. While college showed me business and accounting from the academic perspective, business in real life posed a different challenge. I would have appreciated having a book like Step-By-Step Guide to Accounting for Business that provides simple yet enriching examples that demystifies complex terminologies and concepts core to the industry. For this reason, I believe that a recent college graduate or accountant who has been out of the profession for many years will also find great value in this book.

– Amaka Ezeh

Senior Financial Analyst, CPA, MBA California , USA

“I highly recommend Nicky. As an experienced Finance Director, Nicky helped me and my team see the benefit of finance to the business, not just those in Finance. Having good financial awareness and understanding benefit both the finance and non -finance team.

The Finance book does an excellent job in making finance accessible and valuable resource to the business. Understanding finance saves reduced the time we spend during month and year end processes, to over 20%, as non-finance managers became diligent with accurate and speedy information. This book is a must read for any non -finance manager and professional to gain the finance confidence.” - VNO Benson

Business Manager, Blue Mountain Corporate Finance, London

“Nicky is passionate , genuine interest and has an in-depth knowledge to achieve the best for clients. We have only worked with her team for 4 months, from April 2019, and by September, we were confident to forecast 40% increase in productivity, less reliant on Finance staff, and our stakeholders confirmed better quality of information they receive.” - Nicholas Peters

Chief Operating Manager, Ray Manufacturing Group

2+2=1 For Financial Decision Makers

Clarity for Non-Finance Business Managers

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